Project Description

Brand strategy and identity, communication system, signage, brand standards
(In collaboration with Susan L. Haller & Associates)

Susan L.Haller & Associates worked with Nationwide Financial to do qualitative research for financial and insurance products for the growing small business market. What emerged was a concept of a “Business Lifecycle” concept that could be applied to the identified stages of a typical small business. The challenge with the concept was that the financial products could not be strictly applied to distinct “business lifecycle” because the boundaries between them were often hazy, and, more importantly, the concept of “death” or ending of a business made small business owners uncomfortable.

Christine Ryan joined the team, and transformed the “Business Lifecycle” from a linear to a circular, or spiral approach. This allowed for the idea of “Transition” instead of “ending.” The development of a Business Lifecycle Product Map that visualized the five stages with accompanied “rings of protection” of Nationwide financial and insurance products.

The Nationwide “Business Lifecycle Map” provided the basis for the entire communications system, delivered both in print and digitally.