Project Description

Brand strategy, creative direction, packaging design, “pitch” presentation design
(@ TenUnited,  Creative Director of Design)

TenUnited (now Engage) had an opportunity to pitch Abbott Laboratories for the Zone Perfect account. TenUnited initiated user research, and found that the Zone Perfect brand was closely associated with the “zone diet” that was viewed by consumers as out of date. The product packaging was a liability, most consumers saw it as “medicinal” However, after consumers tasted the product, they loved it, and it was considered one of the best tasting nutritional bars.

The TenUnited pitch team decided that focusing on “great taste” with good nutrition was the way to reposition the Zone Perfect brand, and move away from the medicinal, health positioning. Creative Director Christine Ryan developed three concepts was were dramatically different from the current packaging, focusing on taste and quality, and attention to shelf impact.

Abbott Labs selected TenUnited to be their agency, and reported that the packaging concepts were a significant factor  in their decision.