Brand Identity

  • Industry and Competitive Audits
  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Creation
  • Brand Identity Systems
  • Logo Updates / Brand Rejuvenation
  • Brand Standards Guides

Communication Systems

  • Customer Journey Audits & Planning
  • Sales Tools & Presentations
  • Integrated Marketing Systems
  • Event Promotion Systems
  • Packaging Systems
  • Signage Systems

Web & UX Design

  • IA (Information Architecture)
  • Interactive Usability Audits
  • Wireframes
  • Website Design
  • UX / GUI Design Design
  • Development Creative Direction

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Offering strategic design services from strategy through delivery.

CgRYAN::design creates distinctive, desirable, and useful solutions for products, services, and companies.

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Maximizing impact, credibility, and engagement through design

CgRYAN::design works with small to mid-sized businesses, scaling agency creative processes to fit more limited budgets: bringing Fortune 100 design quality to help businesses compete with more established competitors. Bringing clear, elegant solutions that are appealing and usable, design is more than what something looks like: it is the total user experience.

Strategic design planning for growing businesses

For small businesses and start-ups, often the first challenge is to figure out what is needed first. Christine Ryan has worked with many start-ups and knows how to use the power of design to build credible quickly. By identifying the audiences and target users, strategically evaluating specific industry trends and competitive audits, and merging these observations with defined business goals, brand and communication priorities are defined and weighted for maximum impact.

Flexible collaboration with agencies and design firms

When agency staff needs additional expertise or creative energy, Christine has contracted on a limited basis to help agencies and design firms. Working either as a member of the creative team virtually, or joining the organization on-site, flexibility and enthusiasm are assets that Christine brings to all her creative partnerships.

Industry Experience

Professional Services
  • CAS (Chemical Abstracts)
  • Chute Gerdeman
  • Fitch
  • Lextant
  • Lighthouse Holdings
  • Polymer Solutions Inc.
  • SG Legel Counsel
  • Sequent
  • STOA
  • The Taylor Group
  • Travel Solutions
  • U&I Remodeling
  • Yudu Salons
Consumer Products
  • Belwith Keeler
  • Copco
  • Dad’s Pet Care
  • Dell
  • Folio
  • Hoover
  • HP
  • Lee
  • Rockler Woodworking
  • Ryobi
  • Pittsburgh Paints
  • Zone Perfect (Abbott Labs)
Financial Services
  • Bank One
  • Cardholders International
  • First Data
  • Nationwide Financial
  • Star Network
  • Tempo
  • Artromick (Capsa Solutions)
  • Axcelis
  • Diebold
  • Duskin
  • East Manufacturing
Medical / Dental
  • Cardinal Health
  • The Gentle Dentist
  • GE Healthcare
  • Hand and Microsurgery Associates
  • Hand and Arm Therapy Services
  • Lilly
  • Nationwide Better Health
  • Ohio Health
Non Profits
  • Delaware Community Foundation
  • Dine Originals Columbus
  • Jefferson Foundation for Learning & the Arts
Retail / Hospitality
  • American Eagle Outfitters
  • Bruggers
  • Dine Originals Columbus
  • Justice
  • Hopping Turtle
  • The Refectory
Software Products
  • 3M
  • CAS (Chemical Abstracts)
  • Cliing
  • Educated Investor
  • GE Healthcare
  • Intelisys
  • shopConnect
  • Tradestone Software
  • Whojini
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Design matters: potential customers DO judge a book by it's cover.

CgRYAN:: design provides complementary brand, communication systems, and user experience evaluations.

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